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Now wallpaper is loved by the majority of consumers. Pasting wallpaper makes the home beautiful and tall. Then, how should we choose decoration wallpaper

many people in home decoration now like to choose to stick a layer of beautiful wallpaper on the wall. This kind of paper is specially used for wall decoration. Some people like to call it wallpaper, and some people like to call it wallpaper. For wall decoration, big white wall is no longer popular. Now there are many wall decoration materials, and wallpaper is one of them, and wallpaper is also loved by the majority of consumers. So, what are the classifications of decoration wallpaper and how to choose decoration wallpaper? Relatives in need can come and have a look

what are the classifications of decoration Wallpapers

1. Pure paper Wallpapers

pure paper wallpapers are mainly made of grass and bark, which are environmentally friendly, rich in color, easy to replace and so on. However, pure paper wallpapers are easy to fade, not easy to scrub, and the price is more expensive

2. Plastic wallpaper

plastic wallpaper is based on ordinary wallpaper, coated with PVC paste resin and then embossed. Its advantages are long service life, superior performance and good decorative effect. It can imitate the effects of wood grain, brocade and natural stone. The disadvantage is that it is not environmentally friendly enough, and it has certain toxic substances. Some manufacturers will add stabilizers, mold inhibitors and other toxic substances to make wallpaper better

3. Foamed wallpaper

foamed wallpaper has a strong three-dimensional sense, which can enhance the sense of space. At the same time, the price of foamed wallpaper is low, which is also the main advantage of foamed wallpaper. However, its disadvantages are not wear-resistant, easy to scratch, and not resistant to dirt. At present, foamed wallpaper on the market is being phased out

4. Wood fiber wallpaper

decoration wallpaper is also a kind of wood fiber wallpaper, which is a high-end wallpaper, breathable, durable, washable, mildew proof, moisture-proof and mothproof, and has a very long service life

how to choose Decoration Wallpaper

1. Choose materials

at present, there are a variety of wallpaper materials on the market, including paper, rubber, natural fiber, glass fiber, metal and fabric. If it is used for home decoration, it is best not to choose adhesive wallpaper, because the environmental protection performance of adhesive wallpaper is relatively poor, and the air permeability is not very ideal, which is prone to cocking and yellowing, thus affecting the beauty of the house

2. Look at the effect

when choosing wallpaper, you must look at its effect. This is a very important point in choosing wallpaper. Decorative wallpaper with beautiful appearance makes people look very comfortable, pleasing to the eye and three-dimensional. Therefore, users need to pay attention to whether the pattern of wallpaper is exquisite and beautiful, with clear layers, whether the color is fresh and natural, and whether there are color differences, bubbles and other phenomena when purchasing wallpaper

3. Touch the texture

when purchasing wallpaper, you also need to touch the wallpaper with your hand to see how the texture is. You can touch the pattern part to see whether the thickness of the pattern is uniform, and compare whether the thickness of the left and right sides of the entire wallpaper is consistent

4. Smell the smell

when purchasing wallpapers, users also need to smell the smell. If the smell is heavy, it indicates that formaldehyde and vinyl chloride exist, indicating that the quality of wallpapers is poor

after the introduction of the classification of decoration wallpapers and how to select decoration wallpapers, I believe everyone knows! Wallpaper is very popular in decoration, which can give people a warm and comfortable feeling. It is suggested that you can learn more about wallpaper, which may be used in decoration in the future




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