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Balcony is a necessary home space for many house types. Although it is only a small space, it needs a lot of attention when decorating. Don't spend time and waste decoration materials. The following is the balcony decoration precautions collected by the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network. Let's have a look


the balcony design of many house types is semi closed, that is, there are no walls in the balcony space and the outside world. Even the closed balcony design is made of glass. The balustrade design of balcony decoration must be solid and have a standard height

furniture layout

besides the semi enclosed balcony space and the enclosed balcony space, there are open-air balconies. The open balcony is not only exposed to the sun every day, but also takes a shower in rainy days. The furniture layout in balcony decoration should not choose the fabric material as far as possible. In the wind and sun, the fabric material is easy to fade, deform and not strong. Iron furniture can be arranged in the balcony space


if it is a closed balcony decoration design, curtain decoration should also be arranged, but the sunlight on the balcony is very abundant, so the curtain is easy to fade under the sunlight. The curtain decoration in balcony decoration should choose white or light color as far as possible, so that it is not so obvious after fading, which will not affect the beauty of the space




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