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Modern reproduction of northern Indian style

the mysterious Indian style has always been the first choice for home decoration designers, because it is rich in changeable effects and will not easily lead to boredom. I recommend a typical North Indian style room for you to appreciate the relaxed, charming and slightly lazy atmosphere

monsoon bedding

inspired by fiery colors and traditional vortex patterns, silk fabrics are used to create a wonderful daytime sleeping time. British designer Michelle Young's shuttle lamp naturally integrates with Indian style. The pommel tassels of fabric and the simulated setting create a lazy and relaxed atmosphere

modern reproduction of northern Indian style

eye-catching patterns

move the traditional Indian patterns onto the hanging cabinet as the visual center of the whole room. The metal texture of the modern style wash basin should be in harmony with the texture of the mirror. The pattern of the mirror imitates the opening of the peacock screen, pushing the atmosphere of the room to the extreme. Dark blue and bright red purple form a light and dark contrast, which is suitable for movement and stillness

modern reproduction of northern India style

magic carpet

don't just work on soft decoration, carpet is definitely a bright spot that can shine. Don't be afraid to mix and match the traditional vortex pattern with the modern stripe, just "anchor" the pattern in the pure color block

modern reproduction of northern India style

silk curtains

inspired by the colorful saris of Indian women, the highly saturated and silky curtains are decorated with sequins to create rich visual effects. The modern feeling comes from the different colors of the left and right curtains. This symmetry breaking "screwing" technique brings a dynamic and active atmosphere

modern reproduction of northern India style

entertainment light shadow

in order to create a lazy rest time, choose a simple white seat to match with a shiny mosaic coffee table to form a complex and simple rhythm, the golden chandelier cluster is low, and the smooth texture is in contrast to the fur. The Indian pattern of the wallpaper creates the whole Rajasthan style, and the color, pattern and texture converge into a three-dimensional mix and match symphony




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