The waterway reconstruction construction is fine,

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The inspection after the waterway reconstruction construction is the last important step. If you want to reduce future problems, you must pay more attention to this inspection! Due to the owner's lack of understanding of the decoration construction and the lack of careful inspection after the waterway reconstruction, water seepage and leakage will occur in the future. In order to avoid these problems, inspection is necessary

1. Test the use of each water outlet

turn on all taps, water heaters, etc., and test whether all water outlets can flow smoothly. If the water is blocked, it should be treated in time to avoid future problems

2. Pressure test

before pressure, close the door before the water meter. Pay attention to pressure: the pressure should be 6-8 kg, and the pressure stabilization time should not be less than half an hour. How can decoration save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. The owner must carefully check whether there is leakage at each interface. If there is, the installer must repair it on the spot, and then press it until there is no leakage, which is qualified for acceptance

3. Water test

after all tests are completed, pay attention to the water test to check whether the pipeline is unobstructed. This is the last step in the transformation, and it is also a step to check. It must be carefully completed




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