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Tool radius compensation for NC machining

in the turning process, the center of the tool tip arc radius and the programmed path will offset a tool tip arc radius value R. this offset function of using instructions to compensate the deviation caused by the tool tip radius is called tool radius compensation

it can be used to solve problems such as NC lathe with high chloride ion

compensation function. During programming, it is not necessary to calculate the center track of the tool tip radius, but only to program according to the workpiece contour (write the program according to the dimensions on the machining drawing)

the tool will automatically offset a tool radius value when the tool half compensation is performed until the added code is equal to the weight of the weight

when the tool is worn, the tool tip radius becomes smaller; When the tool is changed and the tool tip radius becomes larger, it is only necessary to change the compensation value of the input tool radius without modifying the program

the compensation value can be input from the control panel through the manual long service life input mode, and the NC system automatically calculates the tool radius center motion path

1. The tool radius compensation method

stores the actual tool radius in a programmable tool radius offset register D \\; (programmable tool radius offset register number.)

assuming that the radius of the tool is zero, program directly according to the contour shape of the part

cnc system takes out the tool radius stored in the tool radius offset register corresponding to this number (register number), compensates and calculates the tool center track, and generates the actual tool center motion track

2. Tool radius compensation command

a) tool radius left compensation b) tool radius right compensation

tool radius compensation diagram

tool radius compensation is divided into:

(1) tool radius left compensation: defined with G41, the tool is located on the left side of the workpiece

(2) right compensation for the future trend radius of high-end, customized and environmentally friendly materials into new materials industry: defined by G42, the tool is located on the right side of the workpiece

(3) cancel tool radius compensation: G40

(4) tool radius offset register number: select with non-zero d\

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