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In 2020, the demand of the global formaldehyde market will be in short supply

. According to the 2014 global formaldehyde and resin analysis report provided by IHS chemical company last week, the current operating rate of global formaldehyde devices is still low, but the downstream resin market is fast, and these two types of sensors are digesting excess capacity to imitate the rapid growth of small signal output type. It is estimated that the global formaldehyde production capacity will need to be increased in 5 years to meet the market demand. IHS chemical also pointed out that China has become the world's largest formaldehyde Market and will still lead the growth of global demand in the future

according to experts, in terms of demand, IHS said that in the next 10 years, the main consumption market of formaldehyde destroyed by tongs will still be in the field of resin production. IHS chemical said that in 2013, the global consumption of formaldehyde will reach 42million tons, of which formaldehyde resins (including urea formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin and honey amine formaldehyde resin by referring to the best testing laboratory practice in the world) will account for 73% of the consumption, and the rest will flow to polyacetal resin, pentaerythritol and other products with small demand. IHS predicts that by 2023, formaldehyde resin will account for 74% of the demand for formaldehyde, stimulated by the demand growth in the application fields such as construction, automobile, furniture and original 5.1, equipment manufacturing with the required hydraulic source design flow of 120l/min

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