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With the development of the modernization of the paper product packaging industry, the demand for medium and high-grade box board paper has increased significantly. Foreign investors who are optimistic about the Chinese market have invested and built factories. In addition to the recent technological transformation of domestic enterprises, new machines have been launched continuously. Therefore, the capacity growth of carton board is faster than the market demand, which has stimulated the competition in the domestic carton board market. However, due to their large scale and geographical advantages, southern enterprises will have certain advantages when the cost of raw materials is close. According to the analysis and observation of the current market situation, the development trend of domestic carton board is shown in three aspects:

1. Based on the market demand for good printing and color printing, the development of white faced ox card and white faced ox skin carton board is rapid, and the market demand is increasing. The white faced ox card can not only achieve the color printing effect of white paper, but also has the strength of kraft linerboard. It is especially suitable for making high-end beverage, wine, food, toys and other packaging. Because of its packaging performance, price and printing, it enhances the market competitiveness. The price of imported white flour ox card is relatively high. At present, some products produced by many domestic manufacturers can replace imports

2, low quantity and high intensity are the development trend of the market. At present, the market demand for low weight and high-strength carton board is changing. On the premise of ensuring the strength, packaging carton enterprises prefer to use low weight carton board, which is economical and effective. At present, 10 pieces of paperboard are the most popular in the market for the daily fault maintenance of the quantitative g/M 2 box hydraulic universal testing machine. The manufacturer can make corresponding improvements in the quantitative box paperboard, which is suitable for the packaging of light and heavy objects, so as to produce products that meet the market demand

3. At present, the consumption level of paperboard is gradually clear, and the consumption level is correspondingly improved. Many famous brand products and advantageous commodities are willing to make an issue of packaging, so the sales of medium and high-grade cardboard are promising. In addition, since the price of cardboard has been declining since last year, users who consume medium and low-grade cardboard can improve the packaging grade and switch to medium and high-grade cardboard to improve the "experimental value of mechanical properties of electrodes and components" of commodities. Many of the original cardboard are now replaced by white boards and white faced ox cards, The original coated carton board is now replaced by Kraft linerboard. Different consumption levels provide market space for different types of carton board

although the current increase in a large amount of capacity in the carton board market makes it difficult for the market to digest in the short term, and there is a temporary contradiction between supply and demand, in the long run, the prospect of the carton board market is still promising. Some qualified enterprises have a bright future in introducing advanced technology and equipment, improving product quality, producing substitute imported kraft board, and improving product market competitiveness. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, commodity packaging is changing with each passing day. Therefore, today's high-end products in the market may become tomorrow's primary products. Carton board enterprises should deeply study the market, speed up technological innovation, management innovation and product innovation, and win the space for survival and development in the market development

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