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The demand for sustainable development drives the vigorous growth of the folding color box Market

release date: Source: the color box micro vision industry translated from post press processing

driven by the global concern for sustainability and the almost unlimited possibilities of decoration and post press processing, the global folding color box market is expected to grow to nearly $150billion by 2024 (an increase of $40billion year-on-year in 2018). Sales in all segments will continue to grow, and food and beverage will continue to dominate

sustainable demand drives growth. Consumers and brand owners prefer biodegradable packaging more than plastic packaging, which is the main growth driver of the folding box market

according to a study conducted by Grandview research in december2019, "Folding carton packaging market size, share and trend analysis report end use (food and beverage, personal care and cosmetics, electrical and electronic products) By region and division, therefore, we manufacturers should establish a social sense forecast. The annual folding box provides a strong capacity for sustainable development. Paperboard is a kind of renewable resource, which is increasingly coming from negatively managed forests. It is widely recycled and usually contains recycled ingredients

hull predicted: "sustainability is undoubtedly a trend that will not disappear." Richard of Neenah agreed: "most of our customers are looking for sustainable solutions. They are looking for negative fiber procurement, products produced from renewable energy and other protection measures with high PCW content. In general, paper is an inherent part of the circular economy. With the education on paper recyclability (it can be reused up to 7 times) The demand for paper as an environmentally friendly option is also increasing. "

the emphasis on sustainability encourages more use of products certified by organizations such as the Forest Management Council (FSC) or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), which can ensure that ④ the makee formula purchases fibers in a negative way and protects old and endangered forests. Suppliers believe that education is the key to addressing greater sustainability needs. At thoro packaging, a knowledgeable sales team can help customers and brand owners make better decisions

in addition, Hunter pointed out: "we promote the sustainability of packaging on websites, blogs, exhibitions and other marketing materials." Richard said: "we also believe in transparency and support. We put environmental resources in the first and central position of our customers. Whether it is the winding experimental machine, which tightly winds the field sample on the mandrel with the specified diameter in accordance with the relevant standards, the logo with the specified number of spiral turns can be downloaded, and the information about environmental certification or environmental victory."

at thoro packaging, sustainability efforts also include resizing directives to minimize waste, replacing plastic inserts with cardboard, using vegetable inks, and shifting to clean (wind) energy. The company also offers carbon neutral printing. "To increase costs, customers can offset the carbon footprint of the color box by donating specific projects. This part of the money can be used to plant trees, support wind power and many other projects to reduce carbon emissions," Hunter explained

diamondpackaging has also implemented environmental protection production practices, realizing zero waste in land landfilling and completely relying on wind energy. Self production and assembly in 2007, it introduced the "green carton program" to research, design and deliver innovative sustainable products. The core of the plan - design, materials and methods - represents an integrated packaging approach that can minimize the environmental impact of the entire supply chain

bachetta said: "through creative design, careful material selection and best practices at the plant level, diamond can minimize waste, reduce transportation costs and improve efficiency." Before and during packaging development, diamond design engineers considered opportunities to eliminate or replace components, reduce packaging weight and materials, and increase the impact of products on the shelf by using decorative and innovative shapes (such as trapezoidal/pillow/curve)

other trends that affect the development of folding color boxes include shortening the production cycle, timely production, and efforts to shorten the supply chain. "In the past years, most of the production was transferred to China and Southeast Asia," hull recalled. As the covid-19 pandemic continues, brand owners are now looking for sources closer to home

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