The hottest demand has pressure on the continuous

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The demand for Liansu rebounded in the off-season. There was pressure to open the oil supply valve.

Liansu's main force completed the warehouse transfer and moved to 1401. It gradually fell back last Friday. At present, although the high volatility of upstream crude oil has a supporting effect on Liansu futures. However, due to the low demand season, it is difficult to support Liansu to continue its sharp rise. Within the day, the main force of material Liansu maintained a shock trend, and there was a certain pressure on the 10500 line above

it has become a top priority to further resolve excess capacity by using market-oriented means. PVC shangtongling city accelerates the pace of transformation and upgrading of the copper industry. With the arrival of the 4G period and the implementation of "smart city", the position continues to shrink, indicating that investors are not willing to enter the market. Basically, the trend of crude oil is strong, the small inventory in the spot market and the strong spot price have a certain support for the future price, but the sluggish downstream demand has suppressed the rebound space of PVC to a certain extent, and it is expected that there is little upward space for PVC

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