Do you know the Feng Shui decoration of the office

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Many people don't care too much about office feng shui. Whether it's good or bad has a great impact on us, and even affects our workplace fortune. Therefore, for office workers, it's also beneficial to know more about office feng shui; Do you know the Feng Shui decoration of the office? Let me have a look at the relevant articles compiled for this purpose

do you know the Feng Shui decoration of the office

do you know the decoration of flowers and plants in office feng shui decoration

I. Feng Shui orientation of office flower decoration:

1. Oriental

Oriental is the place where purple Qi comes from the East, which is a relatively auspicious place in the office area. Flowers should not be placed blindly, but red flowers should be placed, which is useful for employees to use their brains

2. Western

the five elements in the West belong to gold. The so-called gold comes from the mouth, so the sales staff sitting in this position can put white and yellow flowers to increase their spirit if they want to have good sales performance

3. South

in the five elements of the south, it belongs to fire, that is, red fire. Placing green plants can form a strong supporting role, which increases the personal charm of women working in this direction; Placing red flowers can improve the company's financial fortunes

4. North

the north is the water sign in the five elements. If HA is used in the office, it means that water and soil intersect. The flowers placed in this position should preferably be white flowers, which can increase the harmonious and tense relationship between employees and superiors and subordinates

5, Southeast

the five elements in the southeast belong to wood. The Sunda divination is a direction that affects interpersonal relationships, love and marriage, so the preferred flower color is pink

6, the southwest

the five elements in the southwest belong to the soil, the Kun divination, and the orientation of female leaders in the office. It is most suitable to put bright red flowers; People in sub-health status can put yellow flowers here to try

7. The Northeast

the five elements in the Northeast belong to the soil, and the gengua, which is suitable for the small generation in the Department. This year also coincides with the location of sanbixing, so placing yellow flowers is conducive to preventing the occurrence of right and wrong

2. The placement of flowers in the office is restricted by the five elements of Feng Shui

1. Among the five elements, it belongs to the earth line; Placing plants in the southeast represents wealth and success

2. In the five elements, it belongs to the wooden line; Placing plants in the South represents reputation and knowledge

3. It belongs to the fire line in the five elements; Placing plants in the North represents having a career, which belongs to the water line in the five elements

III. The most taboo points in the office

1. Don't put delicate and difficult plants at the head of the desk. Such plants are easy to consume the spirit of the master and take away people's aura

2. The plants in the office should be taken good care of, and the dead and inactive plants should be repaired and maintained in time, or discarded. If the flowers and plants are moldy, the owner is also easy to get moldy

3. Flowers such as evening primrose and Lily should not be placed in the office. The taste is too strong, which is easy to make people dizzy and restless

4. Prickly plants such as cactus should not be placed in front of people. How can people approach them like thorny roses? What should I do if I stab someone. It should be placed in corners and other places that are not easy to see and will not be touched

IV. pay attention to the orientation of plants

1. Green evergreen broad-leaved plants: at the entrance of the gate, beside the toilet, at the entrance of the passage, etc., which can block evil spirits and accumulate wealth

2. Chlorophytum comosum: corner, dissolve edges and corners

v. there is stress on the color of plant flowers

according to the color of plant flowers, green (Oriental) belongs to wood, white (Western) belongs to gold, red (Southern) belongs to fire, blue (northern) belongs to water, and yellow (central) belongs to soil. The color of the owner's clothes matches the color of the flowers, which is called symbiosis. Through the collocation of flowers and clothing colors, the relationship between the five elements and people can be reflected, so as to complement the aura

what's the stress of Feng Shui about office decoration?

first, noble people help Feng Shui

Feng Shui believes that there is a mountain behind it, and there is a mountain behind it, which is helped by noble people. Then the seat in the office should be backed by a wall. If conditions do not allow, can we put a screen behind it, or can't we? Then stick a piece of yellow paper on the back of the chair. Yellow is soil, which means mountain, and its back means supporting the mountain. Or put 8 stones under the chair, which are the spine of the mountain. It still means backing

second, water brings you luck

welcome water but don't send water. The book of changes says that water is money. Water comes face-to-face, which means money comes face-to-face. If you can't send water, it means you can't send money. There can't be big rivers in the city, so what is water? Traffic flow and crowds can be water in Zhouyi. The office is best to lean against the side of the main road. There are many people and many cars, which means there is more water. The seats inside should follow the direction of cars and people, that is, money and fortune are coming head-on. It can speed up the speed of making money. If the office is not on the side of the road, you can put an artificial waterfall in front, which is about the same height as the table, and let the water flow in the direction of the seat, implying that wealth is coming. If there is no independent office, or the above method is too troublesome, you can put a cup on your desk with a round glass ball inside, and add a little water when you work tomorrow. This is the simplest

third, take advantage of the Oriental spirit

if you want to set sail for your career, you must breathe the Oriental Spirit into your aura. If your career is not very ideal, this Oriental spirit can help you and let your career ride the wind and waves

1: put a bowl in the east of the office or home and fill it with water tomorrow morning. This can bring you more aura of water. Water and Oriental wood grow together, which can help increase this new aura. If you put it in a place where the sun can shine, this aura will be stronger

2: put plants in the east of the office to increase the aura. The five elements of wood in the East can also help improve your wealth

3: when working, you can sit in the east direction, so that you can directly inhale the wood gas in the East. (guidaye Feng Shui

four Feng Shui taboos in office feng shui decoration

1. Avoid seat back door: place your desk directly opposite the door and sit with people behind the door, which is the first thing to avoid in desk decoration

2. Avoid sitting side to door: put the writing desk on the right side of the door, and the writing desk is inclined to the door, which violates the taboo of sitting side to door. Work will be disturbed, work efficiency is low, and health will be affected

3. Avoid the aisle near the window: if the writing desk is placed under the sidewalk window, it is equivalent to putting the writing desk under the evil spirit, and it is often watched by others

4. Avoid windows behind the seat: if the desk is placed parallel to the window, avoid setting the seat between the windows and the table, and use the window as the seat screen

sitting near the window is bad for businessmen. The wind often blows behind, and you will feel uneasy in your back all day. Often in the past, it will disturb people's spirit

if you encounter cold wind, you are easy to get sick. The light outside the window shines from behind, and what you see is the backlight, which hinders your vision. Sitting behind the window, there is no solid barrier. If the windowsill is too low, there may be a risk of accidental fall





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