Zhangzhou fell from a high altitude, and the glass

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At 12:00 on May 29, “ Zhangzhou 110” Received a report that a knife fell from upstairs at the gate of Ruijing city in the urban area

the police rushed to the scene and found that Mr. Lin, the policeman, was very excited with a knife falling from the upstairs in his hand, “ It's so close that I'm dead& rdquo; It turned out that Mr. Lin came to Ruijing city to do business in the morning. He was just about to go back after finishing his work. He didn't walk a few steps, and suddenly fell this knife from the upstairs, almost injured

the police observed that this was a glass knife, and there was a household decorating above the falling position. The police called the property management personnel of the community and led the police and property management personnel to the household for investigation

sure enough, ye, the decorator, admitted that they accidentally dropped the glass knife on the glass when installing the glass and anti-theft net. Ye apologized to Mr. Lin and said that he would pay more attention in the future. Because ye did not deliberately throw the knife away, and his attitude of admitting his mistake was sincere and did not cause damage, the police criticized and educated him

reminder: throwing objects at high altitude is an illegal act. If the circumstances are serious, they will be punished by public security. If they cause serious consequences, they may bear criminal responsibility. (Tang Chengcheng text/picture)





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