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Rubber tire products meet the business cycle

the price of synthetic rubber may fall by 20% in the next two months.

the survey shows that the price difference of synthetic collagen materials has reached the highest level in history due to the decline of butadiene by more than 30% in one month. Therefore, under the current weak demand, we think it is only a matter of time before the price of synthetic rubber drops sharply. As the rubber price goes down again, the prosperity of tire and rubber products enterprises will come

in terms of range, we expect that the price of synthetic rubber will be adjusted by at least 15% ~ 20% in January, and the unit price will drop by about 5000 yuan/ton. Of course, if the prices of natural rubber and butadiene continue to be weak, there may be more room for the decline of synthetic rubber in the future

from the perspective of short-term supply and demand, the supply of domestic synthetic rubber will increase significantly in January, mainly due to the nearing completion of shutdown and maintenance of Gaoqiao Petrochemical and Dushanzi petrochemical, and the increase of operating rate after the completion of maintenance of Yanshan, Daqing and Baling Petrochemical

in terms of individual stocks, Baotong Daiye and Fengshen were the first. The effect is on the changing moment of the sample. Among them, Baotong belt industry has an obvious advantage in accelerating the realization of very stable industrial performance in the field of rubber transmission and centralized policy resources, and the core competition in the field of programmed and industrialized belt delivery. At present, the company has a low inventory of raw materials, which can basically avoid the inventory loss caused by falling prices. It is estimated that the performance of this year and next two years will be 0.5 and 1.26 yuan, and 20 times of PE will be given in 2012, corresponding to the target price of 25 yuan

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